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The Doll Hair Emporium is a purveyor of the highest quality Nylon and Saran doll hair fibres. Along with industry leading products such as braided hair and Ultra Violet reactive hair to name but two.


Our Nylon is used within the doll making industry such as Integrity , LOL , and Mattel.


The next generation Nylon has a much more natural feel to it as opposed to its previous type which feels much more "plasticky" it can be curled and holds styles excellently.

Saran hair is the heaviest fibre and can have a greasy feel. It can be boil permed and curled and is great for long sleek style. For best results when setting curls - leave overnight to dry. 

All our hair can be boil permed to style.

If trying heated human hair stylers such as a hairdryer and straightners - always test the fibre first.

All our hair comes in 38"( 96cm) lengths with different weights available for different project requirements.

Please click on the product desription to see the estimated amount for your project.

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