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The Doll Hair Emporium Flocking for dolls and MP and Monster High



Nylon Flock  - Soft Flocking 100% Nylon 1/2oz 0.7mm 1.7 dtex

Rayon Flock - Soft Flock100% Rayon1/2 oz

  • Types of Flock

    RAYON fibers are made from wood pulp.
    NYLON fibers are petroleum based.
    RAYON fibers are softer and show handling that can be brushed out. They tend to fade in the sun. RAYON is meant for indoor use
    NYLON Fibers are soft, but do not show fingerprints. NYLON is water resistant, fade resistant, and more durable than rayon.NYLON can be used inside or outside. 

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